Loriane Leger
Loriane Leger

What is your signature?

A good face massage and soft hands! After that, the delicacy, correctness, finesse, precision, sensitivity are my masters. As a makeup artist, a beautiful, fresh and luminous skin is essential because it’s the base of the painting. As an artist, I like to play with colors, textures, drawing, lights and shadows, but I’m always very careful to keep the natural beauty of the face I’m working on, and never be “too much”.

What is the most complicated task ever demanded of you?

Well, doing a dirty makeup ahah ! But I kind of like it now and having fun doing it.

What do you find fun about your job?

Working everyday with a new team, a new place, with people from different nationality, origins, religions, skin tones, languages. Creating together, sharing, always in music. Everyday is different, and there is always something to learn!

What inspires you?

Firstly my travels nourished me a lot, from wild nature, ocean, sky, as pigments, colors, textures, different cultures, tribes, smell. All the people I’ve met, seen, observed. My friends. Then art in all its forms, mostly painting, poetry, literature, music, cinema of course. As I’m also doing oil painting, it has opened my perspective in makeup and vice versa.

And the job that you won’t forget?

I won’t forget any because they all made me what I am today. But I would say the first show I did, with Pat McGraph for Dior years ago. I was so impressed by the backstage, the makeup, the big team. And also my first travel for a job was 10 days In Maldives, how lucky I was!

What do you see as modern in today’s make-up?

For me modernity is simplicity. It can be a “no makeup” for example or just a touch of color or shadows or lights on the face. But after all, is to give self confident to the person you work on to feel beautiful even without anything. Then magic happens.