« Models inspire and amuse me. Casting is very important. I only think hair. »
Marion Anée

What is your signature?

I pay attention to the beauty of movement. I am a fan of Roger Federer and his way of bringing ease to movements that are very technical. If the movement isn’t pretty, the hair won’t be pretty either.

What do you find fun about your job?

I have a tactile rapport, which is almost maternal, with the models. They inspire me; they make me laugh. Casting is very important. I only think about hair.

What nourished you?

Women in general and French actresses in particular. Especially Catherine Deneuve. I love their attitude, the way they move, their natural and not forced femininity. I also really love the 70s, music, David Bowie, Patti Smith and le feminine-masculine.

Name one job that was particularly important to you.

All the collaborations with Self-Service, a mixture of fashion and art, jobs are very sharp, completely different from the others. Ezra (Petronio) and Suzanne (Koller) gave me opportunity to develop a true style, a true expression. They challenged me by making me participate in these beautiful stories with strong images, extraordinary girls and beautiful hair-styles. We are a good team, I still work with them today. It’s a truly beautiful relationship.

What are you most proud of?

People that I don’t even know who will come see me and tell me that they’re happy to meet me because they like my work and recognize my hand. This means that I have a real signature and it does make me very proud!

What is your latest news?

The creation of Open Talent and the excitement of being part of this artists’ collective. I like the idea of working differently, of exchanging ideas, emulating and not feeling like we are all trapped in the same boat.

Marion Anée worked with:

Magazines :Self Service, Vogue Nederland, Vogue Russie, Vogue Homme International, M le Monde, Vanity Fair France, T magazine, Rika, Double, Elle France, l’Express Style, WSJ, Ten magazine.

Photographers :Horst Diekgerdes, Phil Gay, Jason Kim, Glen Luchford, Jean-baptiste Mondino, Mark Peckmezian, Ezra Petroni, Walter Pfeiffer, Annemarieke Van Drimmelen, Ward Yvan Rafik, Katia Rahlwes, Bettina Rheims, Andrea Spotorno, Tung Walsh, Jan Welters.

Stylists :Ondie Azoulay, Darcy Backlar, Anastasia Barbieri, Elodie David-Touboul, Suzanne Koller, Barbar Loison, Hortense Manga, Ana Schiffel, Tamara Taichaman.

Designers :Ami, A.P.C, Gaspard Yurkievitch.