« I make women look chic, elegant and sexy. I work with classic silhouettes and then give them a slight twist with the way I mix the clothes. »
Hortense Manga

What is your signature?

A chic woman, who’s elegant and sexy. I like working with classic silhouettes and then give them a slight twist with the way I mix and arrange the clothes. A straight skirt with moccasins and a vintage t-shirt and an overcoat paired with a “constance” bag in crocodile.

What do you find fun about your job?

I love the moment when it’s time to brief with the whole team and I try to explain my ideas, I attempt to take everyone along with my imagination and that often ends up in laughter... I let the artists (hair and make-up) display their talent too. When the first image is done, there is an exciting “wow” moment. I feel that intoxicating feeling of having hit the mark, of finally succeeding in transmitting what I had in my mind.

What nourished you?

Walking in the streets, the photo books that I buy, ballets – I really love them – the art exhibits that I have the chance to see, my travels… Sometimes I’m surprised and I find myself redoing the look of a woman that I just passed by while taking the metro or strolling around.

Name one job that was particularly important to you.

Working with Bob Richardson – Terry’s dad – during a fashion series shot in Los Angeles for the magazine 20 ans. I was such a fan of his work! A dream coming true.

What are you most proud of?

The fact that people recognize my style without having to read my name. Also, the pride of my parents when they read my name of magazines, even if their dream was to see me becoming a lawyer.

What is your latest news?

I’m developing my work internationally, especially with the different editions of Elle. Also I will contribute and develop projects with my adopted family, all gathered under the auspices of Open Talent.

Hortense Manga worked with:

Photographers :Olivia Bee, Cedric Buchet, Cecile Bortoletti, Cassbird, Bruce Gilden, Benni Horne, Matt Jones, Karl Lagerfeld, Serge Leblon, Manuela Pavesi, Harri Peccionotti, Bob Richardson, Nagi Sakai, Paul Schmidt, Mark Seliger, Alex Sotheby, Tesh, Takay, Max Vadukul, David Vasiljevic, Jan Welters.

Magazines :20 ans, Citizen K, Elle, ID, …